Section 6 of the Autumn Budget 2017 Policy Paper covers Housing.  The information could affect home owners, first time buyers, builders and developers amongst others.  The section is split up into a number of subheadings…

  • Housing
  • Housing Supply and Productivity
  • Planning for more homes
  • Ensuring planning permissions are built out faster
  • Developer Contributions
  • Housing Investment
  • Homeownership
  • Homelessness
  • Support for Renters

Here’s a snippet from the website

6.1 Housing.

The government is determined to fix the broken housing market, and restore the dream of home ownership for a new generation. In England, average house prices are now almost 8 times the average workers salary; in parts of the West Midlands, they are over 9 times; in London, they are nearly 12 times.65 Despite the governments support for home ownership – such as helping over 320,000 people through the Help to Buy schemes – home ownership rates have declined.66 This is especially true for young people, for whom home ownership has fallen by 20% since 2003-04.67

To see the full Policy Paper for the Autumn Budget 2017, please click HERE

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