The Latest Trends in Lighting Fixtures

It’s time to start thinking about your new home’s look and feel. What comes to your mind?

Furniture styles and arrangement, paint colors, window treatments, rugs … did you remember lighting? Lighting, in its many shapes, forms and purposes, is crucially important. Like windows, the type, number and placement of fixtures will dictate a room’s brightness and, in many ways, the “mood” of that.

When deciding which lighting options are best for your space, it’s important to consider a few key factors: the color of the room, the amount of available natural light, the functionality of each fixture and the size of the room you’re lighting. Each piece of information will influence the end result.

As you begin thinking about which lighting options will work best for your new home, consider some of 2015’s biggest trends in lighting. Some are modern, some are retro, but they’re all beautifully stylish.

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